Time Kitchen is a studio for exploratory thinking.

We use conversation, observation, and experiments with ephemeral artifacts to elicit insight into how conventions of value emerge and evolve. We are in the business of imagining new forms of life.

We work with everyone from think tanks to venture capitalists to small ateliers to direct action collectives.

Our practice is guided by our combined six decades’ experience, as historians and anthropologists, looking at how human strategies of meaning-making change over time.

Our guiding belief is that thinking should be a process of disorientation. It should be like walking out on a tidal flat at dusk only to find, as the light goes and the tide comes in, that you have lost your sense of direction, that you have stepped on something stinging.

We’re out there with you. Write us.

Time Kitchen is Carla Nappi, Joanna Radin, and Josh Berson.