You find yourself in an abandoned hamlet. Dead cicadas litter the road, the gardens have grown up in sedges. Ground-dwelling creatures have made their nests in the honeycombed stabilization wall that lines an old stream diversion. At the bus stop an old timetable hangs from a thumbtack, flapping in the wind. The scent of hinoki oil hangs in the air.

At the end of the road is a temple. Here too, signs of desuetude abound — a drained pond, a collapsed shed, mosses growing elbow-deep — save in a structure at the back, where you see figures moving and what could be a cooking fire.

Time Kitchen is a studio for exploratory thinking.

Our guiding belief is that thinking should be a practice of disorientation, of discomfort, of awkwardness. It should be like getting lost in the mountains, like walking out on a tidal flat at dusk only to find, as the light goes and the tide comes in, that you have lost your sense of direction, that you have stepped on something stinging.

Maybe you’ve wondered what it would be like to fix your gaze on the long horizon. To ask big, open-ended questions in a rigorous, informed way.

Maybe you’re ready to bring the awkwardness. Then write us.

Time Kitchen is Carla Nappi and Josh Berson and friends.